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We have a big announcement for our Air Potato Patrol members-

We are having another contest!

Last year we held a contest for the best Air Potato Beetle at Work photo, but this time we want to try something a little different. This time we are looking for the best Air Potato Patrol Citizen Science Success Story. You can submit a picture (or multiple pictures) and an up to 100 word story about how the program has benefitted you, youth you worked with or your property or you can get really creative and submit a video documenting your success story. We are flexible on the exact format- just be creative and think outside of the box!

To submit an entry:

If it is a written story, just post it as a comment on this blog post thread. You can attach a photo to your comment, but to attach more than one you would have to comment more than once (which is fine).

If you want to submit a video, you would need to upload it to a Dropbox folder located here:

You don’t have to have Dropbox to upload your video file and if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at . Please be sure to include your contact information with any files.

We will be accepting entries from today until October 11, 2018. Our judges will make their decision and winners will be announced and contacted on October 12, 2018!


Every contest needs prizes!

First, second and third place winners will receive an official Air Potato Patrol t-shirt! This limited edition custom designed shirt is in the process of being created and will be printed in whatever size the winner requests.  The fourth place winner will receive a laminated air potato beetle poster and everyone who enters will receive an air potato beetle temporary tattoo!!

As always, if you have any questions about how to enter the contest or how to submit your entry, just contact us at