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Got Beetles? Win a Prize!!

We’re having an Air Potato Patrol photo contest! The topic for this is “Air Potato Beetles in Action”. Be creative, think outside the box (we really respect that- otherwise we never would have created this Citizen Science project), and have fun. Don’t worry if you don’t have an expensive camera- almost everyone has a smart phone these days.

Contest Rules and Details:

  • Everyone can submit 1 (one) photo to be judged that must include an air potato beetle (doesn’t have to be an adult)
  • By submitting this photo you agree to let us use the photo on the website, in our presentations and for the Air Potato Patrol project (we will give you credit)
  • Entries to be judged must be posted along with a comment to this blog thread by midnight on Wednesday August 9
  • On Thursday August 10 the first, second and third place winning images will be chosen, the winners will be notified and our judge’s decisions will be final

You can pose with your beetle, put him into costume, or just catch one doing something interesting. Extra points for quality and creativity! Just respond to this blog post with a comment and your picture entry.


We have your choice of three different UF/IFAS full color flip books- great reference guides! The first prize winner gets first choice, second place gets second, etc.

Our Judges:

Special thanks to our judges for helping us with this contest!!