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Fall is here,

which means for most people the air potato vines are slowing down and the air potato beetles are preparing to overwinter. If you live in the Panhandle you are probably seeing this, but if you live in South Florida the vines may still be actively growing. We did produce several short videos that will hopefully answer some of the most common questions we received over the summer:

Air Potato Vine Identification

Air Potato Look Alikes

Do I Have The Good Beetles?

How to Release Air Potato Beetles

Integrated Pest Management for Air Potato Vines

Next Year

Chris and I would like to sincerely thank you for participating in the Air Potato Patrol. We’ll be around all winter for any questions, school projects or ideas you might have, and we’ll be ready to go with more beetles next spring. Next year we are hoping to involve other Gulf Coast states that have problems with air potato, create more videos and gather even more data that all helps with developing better control strategies.

If You Have Any Questions

comments or pictures please be sure to send them. We always try to reply as soon as possible, but hurricanes and other work responsibilities sometimes get in the way!